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23 December 2008 @ 07:00 am
I started a new blog. Well, not a new blog, really, but I've decided to spin off the drawings to their own address and keep this one for assorted rantings. Why? Well, I've been drawing a lot more lately and I have grand visions of picking up the pace on the selections from my sketchbook that get scanned and posted. I'd like to share these with a slightly wider audience (read: my mom) while still feeling free to curse, rant, and spew forth political diatribes without worrying about offending anyone (read: my mom). Thus, I will be keeping this page for the written word while the drawings that my legions of readers have come to look forward to will henceforth be available at my brand-spanking new address: http://revengeofthepencil.blogspot.com