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11 September 2008 @ 08:38 pm
We're back from the Gustav evacuation. The city didn't flood, our house didn't fall down, and the world didn't end. It's strange, after such a hectic week of driving back and forth to Austin and spending all of my waking hours worrying about the storm, to come home and find life moving along pretty much the way we left it. Still, the evacuation has left me shaken. I know that hurricanes are a part of life in New Orleans, but that doesn't make them any easier to live with. There is already so much uncertainly hanging over almost every aspect of our lives here, and on top of everything else there's the possibility that a storm could come along and destroy it. Granted, the odds are slim, but it did happen with Katrina and I don't think the city would be able to recover if it happened again.

I'm feeling really worn out by New Orleans right now, and not just because of the hurricanes. The crime, the poverty, the lack of functioning infrastructure, the bugs, the heat - living here is not easy. I'm sure any New Orleans resident who reads this will immediately jump out of their seat and start screaming about the BBQ Shrimp Po Boys at Liuzza's or the Rebirth Brass Band, and of course those are all part of the wonderful and unique way of life that we can find here and nowhere else. Still, after three years of living here I still don't feel entirely at home. Suzanne and I have had many happy times in our adopted city, but right now I'm feeling really conflicted about it. Maybe I should go get a BBQ Shrimp Po Boy to clear my head.